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  • Why controlling pet population is so important here, there and everywhere 08/08/15

    The practice of sterilizing animals is known by many different names, spaying, neutering and castration, just to name a few. There are often heated arguments that occur on both sides, especially with breeders that will bark that this practice is wrong, but the enormous amount of strays that are reproducing begs to differ with their numbers expanding on an exponential level. To “fix or not to fi... read more
  • KATs on Spicy Stories 26/02/13

    San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, a large, spiffy animal shelter in my beautiful home town, is celebrating World Spay Day in a wonderful way by offering 100 free spay/neuter surgeries to cats and dogs of low-income owners. Meanwhile a tiny animal charity group halfway across the globe in Greece, my beautiful home away from home, has taken on a similar goal. But for the smaller group, it’s quit... read more
  • Vet Doctors 12/08/15

    There are five vets on the island and their details are as follows: Lefteris Psarros, Argostoli, 26710 22540 Amanda Micheletti, Svoronata, 26710 42400 Spiridoula Vavasi, Argostoli, 26710 38800 Nikki Gavrielatou, Argostoli, 2671102620 Pantelis Toulatos, Sami, 2674022262 They all speak English and will be happy to help you with any sick animal you find and take for treatment. In an emer... read more
  • You can help 12/08/12

    We are often asked how people can help and, like everything, money is our only issue. Many people set up direct debits into the UK account, we are very grateful to these people as it is a regular income for us. We are also very happy to receive parcels of wool, odd balls or enough to knit baby things. Any small items that are cheap to post are also welcome as they can go onto a stall at one ... read more
  • Who we are 01/08/11

    We are a very small group of people working together to improve the situation on the island. We spend all our money on sterilizing as many owned and stray animals as we can afford.  We also pay for emergency treatments as needed. We have managed to find homes for a lot of animals, however, it gets harder as each year goes by, and currently is almost impossible. Many tourists find and fall in ... read more