Frequent Questions

  • Stray Dogs 12/08/15

    Many people are concerned about the stray dogs, with good reason. At the moment there is little capture, neuter and release, but this is about to change.  Ark, the shelter in Argostoli, is planning to build a separate area to house these animals prior to being neutered and released.  This would at least stop the numbers from increasing through indiscriminate breeding.  They have a limit as to ... read more
  • Sterilization & Inbreeding 12/08/15

    You may see cats with the tip on one ear missing, this indicates that they have been caught and neutered. During the winter months many people trap the cats from the colonies and we can then arrange to have them sterilized, and that is when the ear tips are clipped so that we don't try to do them twice. Our neuter program ensures that there is less inbreeding ,resulting in healthier cats.  Due... read more
  • How to get an animal back to the UK 12/08/15

    We are constantly being asked how to take an animal back to the UK. With the changes in the quarantine law it is much easier and a little cheaper as there is no need to have a blood test for rabies which is around 80€, or to quarantine the animal for 6 months.  See the article on the changes from 1st January, 2012. From May to October inclusive, it is possible to arrange a flight directly fro... read more
  • Thin Appearance 12/08/15

    We receive many calls and emails about cats and kittens, the main complaint is that they are very thin. All the cats, even owned ones that are well fed, tend to lose weight in the summer months, they lose a lot of their coat as the weather warms up and that contributes to their thin appearance.  We have over 35 cats here and although they eat the same in the summer months they all appear a lot ... read more
  • Each year 12/08/15

    Each year, during the holiday season, we get a lot emails from people who have been here on holiday and befriended a cat or dog. We understand this, we know how nice the stray animals are and they are so grateful for a bit of attention and a few tidbits to eat. The problems arise when people decide they want to adopt a particular animal and have it back in the UK, again, we understand this and... read more