KAT's Diary

  • Public neutering clinic 26/08/15

    We are fortunate here in Kefalonia in that our municipality does support the work of both ourselves and the ARK, not financially but by allowing us to carry out the work for the animals. This is not very common here in Greece, many places are stopped or hurdles placed in their way to prevent them doing the things necessary to alleviate the animal problems. They have recently given us the use o... read more
  • 2014 Achievements 20/12/14

    2014 in Kefalonia started with a bang, in late January we had a large earthquake which caused considerable damage to homes, businesses, roads and the port in Lixouri, this was followed by another large quake one week later and over a three week period over 3,000 quakes were recorded. Many homes were destroyed and a state of emergency was declared. People were living in cars, tents and many were... read more
  • Dog Neuter Appeal 2013 11/12/12

    Despite spending over 15,000 Euro last year and the same in previous years on neutering dogs and cats on the island, the situation is not improving for the dogs.  Because we always neuter several hundred cats every year their health has improved considerably. Our aim in 2013, is to do the same for the dogs and to reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted dogs by sterilization. To do 100 dog... read more
  • Bits and Bobs 11/12/11

    This year we lost four cats in two weeks, snake bite it seems. We lost our boy, Mystery, Carly and Cricket to the snakes and poor old Gimpy lost his life to his bowel condition. In the same period we lost Poppy the little dog that was Daisy’s friend, her cancer beat her in the end. Daisy and Poppy were brought in to spend their last months in a bit of comfort, however, they managed another thr... read more
  • 2011 Neutering update 14/11/11

    From January 2011 to the end of September a total of 196 animals were sterilised with the help of the charity. There were a number of animals treated for injuries and sickness that are included in the total costs. The total cost to us for this period was €11,891.50 and donations in the vet’s tins totalled €3,108.90 Taking into account the current financial situation, which is not just affect... read more
  • What do we do with the money raised? 10/09/11

    From January 2011 to August 2011 inclusive we raised a total of €11,979.36 this came from bazaars, jumble sales, collection tins and donations. We have accounts here on the island and also a UK bank account to make it easier for people who make sterling donations, and the wonderful people who pay a direct debit into the account every month. Every so often we pay a sterling cheque into our ster... read more
  • Kefalonia in Winter 11/03/11

    We are often asked what the winters are like here, well, rain, more rain and even more rain.  However, it is not too cold and we often have days when you can be outside working in a T shirt so can’t really complain, the sun still shines. Winters for the charity are the really busy time.  We spend a lot of time organising fund raising events, the bazaars and jumble sales mean a heavy work load ... read more
  • 2010 Achievements 06/02/11

    In 2010 the charity paid or subsidised 211 sterilisations. After speaking to the vets I have calculated that around 450 were sterilised in total on the island, this is a very conservative number and could be well over 500. Our vet bill for 2010 was €14,660.50 this amount includes emergency treatments and neuters read more