Dog Neuter Appeal 2013 11/12/2012

Despite spending over 15,000 Euro last year and the same in previous years on neutering dogs and cats on the island, the situation is not improving for the dogs.  Because we always neuter several hundred cats every year their health has improved considerably.

Our aim in 2013, is to do the same for the dogs and to reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted dogs by sterilization.

To do 100 dogs will cost approximately 10,000 euro, a huge amount for a small charity such as ours to raise in addition to the amount we do manage each year.

However, if we don’t try we will never win.  Hopefully, a simple solution is to reach out to 10,000 people who would be willing to give either 1 Euro or £1 each, and to ask at least one friend or relative to do the same.  A small amount such as this should not affect an individual’s lifestyle, but, boy, it could change and vastly improve the life of 100 dogs. We are, of course, continuing with the usual budget, these 100 are in addition to the normal numbers.

You can help us to help them by sharing this information by facebook, email or just plain old word of mouth, with your help we can do this.

To help the appeal along we have collecting tins in all three vets surgeries, and the charity shops here on the island.  We are organizing collection days outside the supermarkets and already have permission to collect in the car park at AB.  Rachael Antonatos, a wedding planner here, is intending to tell all her guests about the appeal, and we hope that other reps in the holiday industry will do the same.

PayPal is set up on the web site with a link in either Euro or Sterling, you do not have to have an account with them to donate in this way, you can donate as a guest it is easy.  You can pay directly into the bank account the details are also on the site, or simply pass a donation to one of the people you know are involved with the charity.

We have already raised 790 Euro which we are grateful for, as soon as we hit the 1,000 Euro mark we will book the first 10 dogs in.

Please share this with your facebook friends and ask that they do the same, it is worth a try for the sake of these animals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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