ARK/KATs coffee morning 22/10/2011

On 18th October Angela and Geoff kindly organised a coffee and cake morning to raise some money to help out ARK. On sale were refreshments consisting of many delicious cakes that were donated and the coffee and tea.  Books were selling like ‘hotcakes’, with the other odds and ends brought to be sold it was a very successful morning. A grand total of €721.76 was raised.

They have not yet decided what they want the money spent on, possible food, and it will help towards the costs of neutering and vaccinating the dogs ready for homing.

Many people have kindly donated food already, with over 140 dogs every sack of food is a bonus.

Many thanks to all those kind people who gave up their time to help or just to attend and spend some money, many new faces were there and I am sure we will see them again at future events.

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