Charity Shops 21/08/2015

We are very fortunate to have one charity shop open all year, one in Svoronata, thanks to Katerina Lorenzatos Makris of Spicy Stories fame, and another open in the winter months courtesy of a shop owner in Skala. These shops are staffed by volunteers and stocked from donations of unwanted items, everything including books, DVDs, clothing, kitchen equipment in fact anything and everything, one mans rubbish is another mans prize. Both are so well supported, more so in the current financial situation that it has enabled us to carry out many more neuters every year. The Svoronata shop is open every Sunday from 11am to 2 pm and Skala usually opens two or three times a week in the out of season period. Stock is swapped around as different things sell in different areas so it works wonderfully. If you are on the island call and see us if only for a chat, it's always nice to meet more people.

Tags:  fund-raising